Sustainable Programs

Working with ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) currently qualifies as one of the leading sustainable building products on the market. Even though our construction waste while working with ICF block is only about 1%, consisting mostly of scraps of foam and #6 plastic webs from our ICF block, we make it a priority to recycle our scrap responsibly. We have chosen to collaborate with For The Future LLC who repurposes our waste foam into quality surfboards. For The Future works with another local three generation company, Marko Foam, to help produce their recycled EPS surfboard blanks with the scrap foam. It is our responsibility to handle our companies waste in the most sustainable way possible.

We also bring all our waste concrete to the nearest concrete recycling center. Where they can then repurpose the waste into rock we use for foundation work. Currently we use Ewles Materials for recycling concrete and asphalt demolition work. As well as using their base rock for foundation work.  As concrete specialists, its imperative that we dispose and reuse this product in the most responsible way.

In addition, we never let the rebar we use go to waste. All our rebar is either repurposed for the multiple projects at hand or recycled at the nearest metal scraps recycling center. We’ll never compromise being responsible with our waste, and we are always looking for innovative ways to use alternative materials with less waste and hassle.

We are committed to working with local distributors, contractors, companies, and Individuals. Staying local is a large part about being sustainable and we look for every opportunity to use our local resources.